Vocal Music

The everlasting Voices  Soprano, Mezzosoprano, Baritone, two percussionists, two violins , viola and electronics. Parma, Casa del Suono, Ensemble in Residence, June 2016 (8')


The everlasting Voices (reduced version) Soprano, flute, violin and electronics. CMC Ensemble in Residence, Toronto, May 2015 (6')


Incipit  soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and  piano. The Riot Ensemble. Spitalfields Festival, London, December 2015. (13')


Happening around from what's happening around it. Mixed Choir. Coramor, Chur, June 2018 (7')


Happening around from what's happening around it. Soprano, mezzo and barytone. Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. Lugano,  July 2018 (7')



Electroacoustic works

Cellolar synthesis  cello and electronics.  EMUFEST, Rome. Marco Simonacci, October 2011 (6')


Cross-in'-to Recorder, piano and electronics. Ensemble Progress. Konzerthaus Berlin, December 2012 (6')


19 Knives two MIDI keyboards and live electronics. Ensemble Alterface. Festival Mixtur (Barcelona), April 2013 (7')


Bell from hell  harp and live electronics. Festival Manifeste. Frédérique Cambreling (Ensemble Intercontemporain), June 2015 (8')


Astraglossa Piano and electronics. MdW Vienna, piano: Xenia Pestova, June 2016 (10')


Astraglossa (Ensemble Version) piano, accordion, percussion, saxophone and electronics. Vertixe Sonora, CGAC Santiago de Compostela, September 2016 (12')


Anima Mundi two percussionists and live electronics. Neopercusion, Ritmo Vital Madrid, Teatro Galileo, October 2016 (12')


Multimedia works


Grab them by the p***y! Tenor saxophone, violin, live electronics and video. Ensemble d'arts. Festival Carmelo Bernaola, Vitoria, December 2017 (11'30'')


T-Bone extensions, trombone, electronics and video. Antonio Jiménez. FIM Luque, July 2018. (7'')


#Youtoo Clarinet, violin, electronics and video. Ensemble Proton. Protonwerk, March 2019 (5’30’’)


Signifié-Signifiant Clarinet, recorder, E-guitar, viola, cello, double bass, live electronics, live video. Ensemble Vortex. Composer’s Next, November 2019 (10’30’’)


*New piece commissioned by the Ensemble ICE. String quartet, video and light projection, electronics. Festival “Sonic Matter” Zurich, December 2021


*New piece commissioned by the Musikfestival Bern 4 Sopranos, video, electronics and interactive tools with the audience, September 2021


*New piece commissioned by the Donaueschinger Musiktage and the PH Heidelberg Participative sound installation, October 2021


*New piece commissioned by the Eunoia Quintet and the Philarmonie Luxembourg Soprano, cello, trombone, percussion, piano, video, electronics October 2021

Chamber Music

Konturen I  violin, cello and piano. Ensemble Taller Sonoro. Festival de Música Española de Cádiz, November 2014 (9')


Konturen II  oboe, piano and percussion. Ensemble SurPlus. Dian Red Kechil International Young Composers Residency, Singapore, June 2015 (10')


Noise-induced hearing loss, saxophone, double bass and accordion. Trio FeedBack. Sueca Sax, Valencia, December 2016 (10')


Milk spilt on a stone, saxophone quartet. Sigma Project. Fundación BBVA, Bilbao, May 2017 (11')


A common sense of self. Piano, clarinet, flute, cello. Espai Sonor, Mallorca, October 2018 (10’)


*New piece commissioned by the Trio Sonemus (CH) Cello,Clarinet, piano, May 2022


Ensemble Works 

Confluencias flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion. Interensemble. Concorso Internazionale città di Udine, October 2012 (8')


End-run flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, harp and percussion. ECCE Ensemble, Etchings Festival, Auvillar (France), August 2013 (9')


Clash! flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, baritone trombone, viola and cello. IEMA (International Ensemble Moderne Academy). Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, May 2014 (8')



Die Elemente. Orquesta del RCSM de Granada, October 2009 (15')


*New orchestral work September 2022